I had one of my friends who is a hacker go through the online archives of Arizona State Library in search of anything that might be creepy for us to use in your back story for the haunt. We did find this story about a 1931 murder of a mother and child by the mentally insane father that claimed the devil lived down the street and had impregnated his wife. The weird thing is that the name of the Subdivision they lived in was "Sioux Chaske Arizona" but the name was shortened to S.C. Arizona to make it look more ranch style in the housing boom. I know creepy, spells scarizona! it gets better, this audio was recorded in the families home the exact year after the murders by the new home owners. Of course this audio was never released to the public for obvious reasons. Its an EVP but the university is not calling it an "EVP", but instead they are calling it a "WTF" and we all know what that stands for!

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