(attendance policy guidelines)


Scarizona 2022 will change its usual attendance policy to follow COVID-19 guidelines. We will be allowing ticket purchases to be made during scheduled time slots.

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We have always separate attendees entering the haunts by no less than 1 minute apart and groups that are 8 or less. This season you will only be allowed in with people in your party that show up together.

Your group can not be any larger than 10 people.

Waiting areas will be separated by at least 10 feet.

We will have greeters meet your group upon arrival and check you in.

All customers while onsite will be separated.

We have created a lot of activity areas to keep your party busy so that there will minimal if any wait times as you move throughout the park. If you have any special needs please advise us immediately upon arrival and we will do our best to accommodate you. Our limited time slots to accommodate the new show requirements will me less available tickets. Please be sure to book the time you want and be on time. We can not alter our schedule for parties that are late. If we are slow enough to fit you in we will work to make that happen.


This haunted house is all about chaos, disorder, bedlam and havoc.

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Somewhere along the way people of all walks of life began to congregate at the Scaregrounds. Slowly creating a compound for the unruly group of people that wanted nothing more than to celebrate their most inner desires to haunt the people of Arizona. What no one realized was that mayhem was being created over the long stretch of years of haunting the valley. The area housing the unruly crew became ta state of chaotic activity and over all madness amongst the crew. In the last year mayhem has plagued the area beyond control. It simply had become what was once a restricted, behind the scenes part of the show which will now be open to the public or the ones who are willing to take the risk to enter the “Mayhem in the Madness”. Customers who do not wish to see clowns, blood, guts, gore, human flesh torn, stoplights, smoke or other shocking experiences should not attend. This show is not recommend for children under 10.

WARNING! PROPER FOOTWEAR REQUIRED! NO open toed shoes, flip flops or sandals. YOU MUST HAVE close toed shoes to enter- NO EXCEPTiONS!



This haunted house is extremely dark, be prepared for total darkness.

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Startled Darkness: If you don't like dark confined spaces this is not the house for you. STARTLED has Extreme darkness, a variety of startling sounds, jolts, jumps and scares. You can't see in the dark but the dark can see you. If you do not like things jumping out at you or close encounters with people from all angles, you should not enter this house!

WARNING! PROPER FOOTWEAR REQUIRED! NO open toed shoes, flip flops or sandals. YOU MUST HAVE close toed shoes to enter- NO EXCEPTiONS!